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Rhoziva -  60 Veggie Capsules

Rhoziva - 60 Veggie Capsules

Health benefits of Rhodiola rosea: •Increases energy at the cell source •Promotes anti-aging •Reduces stress •Helps cardiovascular health •Alleviates anxiety and depression •Enhances male & female sexual function •Optimizes well-being •Is extremely safe, with no negative side effects or herbal/pharmaceutical contradictions •Builds stamina •Enhances energy •Stabilizes depressive moods •Is useful for physical and mental performance under stress •Strengthens immune system •Aids in hormone balance •Prevents weight gain for lasting weight loss •Enhances physical performance •Increases capacity to experience pleasure •Aids recovery from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) •Calms the stress response system while increasing cellular energy •Improves brain function and memory •Contributes to mental clarity •Rejuvenates nerves •Improves physical and mental endurance •Protects against hypoxia •Protects DNA and cell membranes •Improves energy efficiency •Reduces oxidative damage •Safeguards cells in brain and central nervous system •Raises mood! How can Rhoziva help YOU?


In traditional folk medicine, the use of Rhodiola rosea has been documented for thousands of years. Its origins lie within the remote Caucasus Mountains of Siberia. Since there is documented proof of its medical applications in the ancient Greek physician Dioscorides' classic medical text "De Materia Medica," we know the herb was traded thousands of miles from where it was grown. It was prized by the Vikings for imparting endurance and strength on treks and ocean-going voyages. It was also held in high regard by the Chinese. Rhodiola rosea has been treasured for thousands of years for its qualities of anti-aging, enhanced energy, increased endurance and stamina, and ability to deliver a sense of well-being. The locations where the plants were grown were often a closely guarded secret of the herb traders and to this day Rhodiola crops in Siberia have guards posted to deter poaching. Rhodiola rosea has been a staple of medicine in Europe for over three millennia. It was a common belief that drinking teas brewed from it could extend life up to a century. In an era when shipping goods for thousands of miles was prohibitively difficult, Rhodiola rosea was regularly traded in the Greek empire, far distant from Siberia, its distant land of origin. In the Greek myth of Jason, Rhodiola was used to increase strength for battle. The ancient Chinese, long known as world leaders in herbal remedies, called it "Golden Root", perhaps because they valued it more highly than gold. The Chinese emperors of those days dispatched Siberian expeditions to retrieve this priceless arctic treasure. The knowledge of the places where Rhodiola rosea grew was a tightly kept proprietary secret, known only to a few select families throughout history. That tradition of secrecy continued into the twentieth century. When Russian scientists rediscovered the Rhodiola herb they did not share any of their findings beyond their own borders. For many years, safely tucked away behind the Iron Curtain, the benefits of Rhodiola were studied and used for practical applications. The Russian Olympic team was administered Rhodiola rosea, and it is during this era that Russian Olympians developed their world famous reputation for strength, power, and grace. Rhodiola was also used to treat Russian cosmonauts in order to relieve the intense stress created by space missions.

•Only selected plants grown in controlled environments go into Rhoziva™. •We dry our own root (low temperature dehydration) freshly harvested by our own certified Rhodiola farmers in Alberta. •Testing for presence of active ingredients and absence of harmful ingredients done at several stages. •Rhoziva™ is a traceable product - we know the source of every product lot. •Every lot of Rhodiola rosea that goes into Rhoziva™ goes through especially stringent testing and results are submitted for analysis before going to market. •Canadian standards are the highest in the natural health product industry.

Adults 18+: Take one capsule twice daily

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