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NutraVege - 200 ml

NutraVege - 200 ml

Echium plantagineum, a common plant native to many parts of the world including western and southern Europe, represents an exciting alternative source of omega-3. Unlike flax seed oil, echium oil contains the omega-3

Stearidonic acid (SDA), which readily converts to EPA. Studies have demonstrated that SDA from echium converts to EPA at a rate of up to 30% (compared to 3.28% for flax). A further advantage of echium is that it is also a natural source of the omega-6 gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Unlike most omega-6 fatty acids, GLA supports an anti-inflammatory effect in the body and promotes healthy skin

Algal DHA, from the marine algae Schizochytrium sp., is an exceptional source of DHA. Unlike land plants, certain aquatic species have the ability to synthesize the omega-3 DHA. The DHA content in most fish originates from the consumption of algae; therefore, the DHA present in NutraVege is identical to that found in fish


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