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I was quickly loosing my mobility and felt excruciating pain in both of my knees (particularly the right knee). My physician told me it was too early for surgery - told me to take Glucosamine tablets (available off the shelf). My chiropractor took x-trays which showed a complete depleation of cartelage. I felt that I heading for a wheelchair within the next couple of weeks. My sister-in-law was a member of Creative Nutrition Canada and recommended Payn-Ez. I started with 6 tablets per day however, due to a sensitive stomach, I had to drop down to only max.4 tablets daily. Within 3 weeks, I went from almost a complete lost of mobility to walking 3 miles without any pain. I am writing this and saying still today "I don't believe it". My physician does not believe it but he is astonished at the results. Payn-Ez is always at the tip of my tongue when someone tells me about pains in their knees. I have recommended this to many and they acknowledge a great improvement. I was curred completely with only one small relapse 8 years after. I took Payn-Ez immediately & I am back to normal again. WOW, I love Payn-Ez.
 - Yvonne Thomas, Cochrane, Ontario.


One teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) taken in the morning. Usually diluted in a glass of water due to its strength. Get the Organic ACV (with the mother inside). 
 - Adam


I was looking to enhance my breasts,and I went to the Whitby store and was very pleased to find a herbal supplement that worked wonders for me!!! Thank you!!!
 - Deanna Woods, Whitby


I had a bad chest cold and couldn't shake it..then I remembered the 1585 Respiractin I had in the fridge....
After a lot of sleepless nights and miserable days I took some and guess what worked and I feel great with just one dose..
I will continue taking it and you can bet I will not forget the next time....THANK YOU.....
 -, Whitby 



hi! my name is faccity! your site is good! i will visit it again! good luck!
 - Nicole, Amsterdam

My husband and I have been drinking Liquid Chlorophyll, Green Tea, B Complex by "Landart" everyday day for the past 4 months, and its made a world of differnce, in our enery levels, digetive and cleansing. Its so easy to take rather than taking caps. 

try it, amazing results
 - janice durling, oshawa



I just wanted to let you know that I have been using transform+, lean+ for sometime now, I also just started taking o3mega, and I love it. 

They all make me feel great. I am very active and instruct both boxing and spinning classes in Vancouver. When I am teaching, I advertise that your products are THE BEST, and I encourage people to try your line of products.

I look forward to seeing your booth at upcoming consumer shows. 

Thanks for listening and for the greatest products ever!

 - L. Delaney


Good Day!

I have been a user of greens+ for 3 years now.
Prior, I did not know anything about the company or how incredible this product is. After using it for just six months I was a different person!

Over this last year I have gone through some health problems and a good friend gave me the book 
 - Rosaleen Milner



I would like to like to give my testimonial on using PASCOE products. My 5 yr old son was always getting sick (every 2-3 weeks) He would develop a very bad cough, or a cold or just fever. He was susceptible to every virus. I finally had enough of antibiotic medication since they were prescribing one almost every 2 weeks. I finally decided to visit a Doctor of Naturopathy. I have had great success. PASCOELEUCYN FORTE was administered via needle. This is the most effective way since it goes directly to the blood. However, the needle and the yelling became a bit much for the little guy and now we have settled on oral administration. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to boost their immune system. Dora 
 - Dora Vitu, Mississauga



I have been suffering with nocturnal leg cramps for 27 years (I am 40 years old)you know the kind that start in your toes and as soon as you try to wiggle it out it gets worse and goes up your leg. I have tried absolutely everything inculuding prescribed medications. Nick recommended I try Ionic Magnesium and miraculosely I no longer have leg cramps/muscle spasms. I have taken other forms of magnesium (calcium/magnesium combos) in the past but with no effect.
I am not the only one in my family that has this problem, my mother, grandmother, aunt, and 3 uncles all suffer from the same condition. since Nick has introduced me to Ionic Magnesium I have told all my family about it and they too are now taking ionic magnesium and no longer suffer from leg cramps at night. I and my family members describe Ionic Magnesium as a miracle. "I can finally get a good night sleep without having to worry about leg pain" 
 - Crystal Murphy, Oshawa



Seventeen years ago I was incredibly ill and had been hospitalized many times over the years. I tried many different natural products and out on a search, came home with greens+. I tried it right away. I was excited by this product and had renewed hope that I would once again feel healthy. 

After the first couple days of taking a low dosage, my body had bounced back. The severe abdominal pains had vanished and my furrowed brow disappeared. I read up a bit on greens+ to find out about reactions and side effects. I was happy to read that I was detoxifying and that the way I was feeling was typical and that it would subside soon. 

I have been taking greens+ ever since and have my life back! My son, who is 14 now, loves the Blissful Berry flavored drink and enjoys having it in the morning before school. I fully believe that this early start with the greens+ as well as a healthy diet, will help to ensure he is healthy as an adult. 

I have been pharmaceutical free for 8 years now and plan on keeping it that way. I have told my story and recommended greens+ to people with irritated bowels and they too were excited to hear about it and incredibly delighted with the results! 

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for greens+. It truly is a Super Food and it will always be a part of my family's life. It has helped me feel whole again and I look forward to trying some of the other new products that you have. 

I wish you all the best and Thanks again! 

 - D. Jantz, Bowmanville



It is said that when a doctor gets ill he/she alone shouldn't try to cure him/herself, but he/she ought to seek out help from another doctor. When I became ill with pleural and pericardial effusion, nick was great help at assisting me with my recovery. While Nick isn't a doctor by training, his knowledge and experience, both with natural health products and in the area of respiratory technologist (past work), came in handy in guiding me.
My condition lasted too long to my liking and only after His recommendations, was I able to recover quickly and fully. he recomended I take a turmeric and bromelain anti-inflammatory formula during the day and a high quality garlic supplement in the evening. Worked really well.
Thank you Nick.
 - Elie Klein ND, Toronto



I suffered over 4yrs with restless leg syndrome & back pain. I have not had a decent nights sleep in 4yrs. I was lucky if some nights I got 3hrs sleep. It affected my job, my home life, I was always exhausted. My doctor had me taking mirapex for the last 4yrs, helped somewhat. The end of January I went into the Oshawa store asking for help. Nick suggessted I take Magical, a Ionic Calicum/Maganesium supplement. The first dose my back pain decreased, my thoughts where (I am imagining this) I saturated for 1 1/2 weeks and at the end of the 1 1/2 wks.I am almost (scared to say) my restless leg syndrome and back pain is 98% gone. This health food store is the only store that has helped me in 4yrs of suffereing. I was constantly looking for a solutions so I could get off the medication from the doctor. I am now able to stop taking the mirapex. I GIVE MY THANKS TO NICK AT THE OSHAWA STORE FOR HELPING ME. "GOD BLESS" 
 - Anne, Oshawa 



I tried Homeoknop Globuli No43 Sinucine, and within 15 minutes, my congestion which had been bothering me for the last two days was 100% gone. Wow... Thanks Nick and Janice!
 - Sue Sutcliffe, Bowmanville



Neurexan seems to be one of the best natural sleep aids. No side effects, drowsiness. UNLIKE dozens of others, Neurexan really works - take as directed.
 - Dr. W. Fisher, Oshawa



Dear ehn inc. 

I now think of my life as 
 - C. Maloney


I am writing in regard to your absolute lean team kit.

After almost finishing the box I had already noticed a difference. So I went and got another kit, and saw even more results. I am now starting on my 3rd kit and loving it. 

Out of all the "dietpills" out there in stores and health food stores that make the claim to help you lose weight, I have tried them all and this one WORKS! I am thrilled, and wearing pants, I never thought I would. 

My Doctor had already said that my food choices (our whole family eats better) and exercise routine were very good, so I think that is why your products gave me such fast results.

Thank You Very Much
One Happy Customer
 - C. Shelley, Bowmanville



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