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Health Practitioners

Nick Mawani BSc.RRT.CNPA.MPH. DrPH (St)
(Doctor of Public Health Program)

Health Education Consultant - Certified Natural Products Advisor

Phone: 905-436-2661


Go Natural Medicine offers excellent options if you’re looking for a naturopathic doctor in Oshawa. Our focus is on individualized care that is natural and integrative. Our team of health professionals also offers the acupuncture clinic in Oshawa for those who seek pain relief and natural remedies to health issues..

Just a few of the services offered include: Acupuncture , Naturopathic Doctor, and a Certified Natural Product Consultant. Through a mix of different natural health practices, our team will work with you to restore your body back to health and keep it there through health education. We consider the whole person - physical, emotional, energy. Our naturopathic professionals are trained to study each of these aspects and work with you to create a wellness plan.

Erik Chhuo 

Points & Needles Acupuncture Clinic

Certified Practitioner 


Dr. Elie Klein, B.Sc., ND

416 -222-1300





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